Orenia has a lot of different gods in it's pantheon. The gods created and formed this world. Their presence can still be felt as they still hold power in the realms. They hold influence over many sentient creatures of the world and they interfere with the mundane on a regular basis. God are also known to be quite cruel at times and often get in conflict with eachother which will sometimes result in a nationwide war between the religions.

Name Description Alignment Symbol
Auril Godess of Winter NE Six-Pointed Snowflake
Avandra Godess of Change, Luck, Trade & Travel NG Three Wavy Lines
Bhaal God of Murder NE Skull surrounded by a ring of blood droplets
Boccob God of Magic N Eye Within a Pentagram
Celestian God of Stars, Space, Astronomy and Wanderers N Arc of Seven Stars within a Circle
Cyric God of Lies CE White Jawless Skull on Black or Purple Sunburst
Gond God of Craft N Toothed Cog with Four Spokes
Leira Godess of Illusion CN Point-down triangle containing a swirl of mist
Mask God of Thieves CN Black Mask
Melora Godess of Wilderness, Nature & the Sea N Swirly Wave within a Shell
Milil God of Poetry and Songs NG Five Stringed Harp
Oghma God of Knowledge N Blank Scroll
Pelor God of the Sun, Summer, Agriculture & Time NG The Sun
Rao God of Peace & Reason LG White Heart
Raven Queen Godess of Death N Raven Head
Sehanine Godess of the Moon N Full moon with a half circle behind it.
Sune Godess of Love and Beauty CG Face of a Beautiful Red-Haired Woman
Tempus God of War N Upright Flaming Sword
Tyr God of Justice LG Balanced Scales rested on a Warhammer